Bongaussarjaa, osa 5

Levikset ovat yllättävän vanhaa kamaa - Ebayssa on myynnissä 1890-luvulta peräisin olevat 201 Levikset, jotka löytyivät kaivoksesta Rand Mining Districtistä, Mojaven autiomaasta, Californiasta. Merkin farkkuja valmistettiin jo 1870-luvulla, joskin moderneja farkkuja alettiin valmistaa "vasta" 1920-luvulla.

They were found with and old paper bag with the name of a mercantile store which operated between 1895 and 1898 in the town or Randsburg. Their was also a gunny sack with the initials A.P.K. and Randsburg marked on it. A.P.K. is through to be Adam P. Kuffel who was a partner in the mercantile store.

These pants have the cloth label vice the leather label. The label (pictured) indicates that they are size W34 x L33, They are copper riveted with the rivets marked L.S. & Co. S.F. They are buckle back (pictured) with suspender buttons. Buttons are silver in color and are all marked LEVI STRAUSS & CO. S.F.CAL. Tthe pants were made with just one back pocket on the right hand side.

The pants are in excellent condition with two small flaws. One hole just above where the left hand back pocket would be, which can be covered by a Quarter and one missing piece of cloth measuring approximatley 1/2 "by !/2" on the band just to the right hand side of the fly.
Housujen hinta on kirjoitushetkellä noussut 7 300 dollariin. Vielä on päivä aikaa osallistua huutamiseen.

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